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The department recognizes the power of modern instrumentation in dealing with the problems fundamental to the study of Environment both in the academic and industrial setting. Today any student without having proper training in and access to modern instrumentation is at a decided disadvantage. The department possesses a wide range of equipments for use by its students in laboratory courses and research projects.

Major instrumental equipment includes:

UV and Visible Spectrophotometer (UV-Vis PerkinElmer; Lambda 35)

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC Shimadzu; LC20 AD)

Gas Chromatograph with Headspace Sampler (GC 6890 N and 6794E; GC Agilent)

Ion chromatography (Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex)

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC Shimadzu; TOCVCSH)

Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography-MS (UHPLC-MS)

Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA Shimadzu; TGA/DTG-60)

Respirometer (RSA PF 8000)

Microwave digester (CEM MARS-6)

Ultracentrifuge (BECKMAN COULTER; Optima XE 100)

In addition, the department is well stocked with standard laboratory equipment including Luminometer, Analytical Balance, Refrigerated orbital shaker cum incubator, Hydrogen Generator, Refrigerated incubator, Sonicator, Ultrapure water system, Laminar air flow, Microcentrifuge, Thermocycler, Colony counter, Muffle Furnace, Hot Air Oven up to 300 0C, Shredder, Gel electrophoresis Assembly, etc.


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