India Air Quality Resource Group

Intellectual resources in India in key areas of air quality management such as monitoring, modeling, control and regulations are presently distributed among control boards, research institutes, academic institutes and industries. Indian air quality management mission would benefit from having a platform for pooling these distributed resources and by facilitating connectivity among them. Formation of an India air quality resource group(IARG)consisting of members from various organizations in the country is a step towards this the vision of this resource group is to enhance and develop new capabilities in support to the air quality management initiatives at state and national level and promote mutually beneficial. Activities of India Air Quality Resource Group focuses on using and enhancing the concept of the GEO Air Quality Community of Practice (GEO AQCoP) to develop a process for engaging organizations in a collaborative environment across the Indian air quality research, management and policy communities as well as the global air quality community. This include fostering education and outreach via demonstrations, workshops and training. The efforts would be directed through the following sub-tasks:

1) Identifying stakeholders, such as air quality researchers and managers in India, and mobilizing information, infrastructure and financial resources

2) Conducting workshops to build capacity for access and utilization of air quality observations for decision-support,

3) Working with stakeholders in indentifying decision-making activities and defining applications in support of decision-making activities and engaging in the providing and accessing of data,

4) Setting up India-specific structures to establish and sustain IARG.

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