The Environmental Science and Engineering Department (ESED) was established in 1985 as a centre for Environmental science and Engineering, and recently in February 2019 got the department status. Prior to this, an "Environmental Science and Engineering Group" comprising of faculty members from various allied disciplines existed on campus since 1977. ESED currently has a dedicated group of sixteen faculty members with multi-disciplinary background and interests. The graduate program offered by this department prepares individuals for careers as engineers and scientists in Environmental Quality & Pollution Control. This program offers course work and research opportunities leading to the masters and doctoral degrees and ultimately enable our graduates to contribute to the solution of current and future environmental problems. Since the beginning, the Department has established and maintained strong links with leading industries, institutions and national and international funding agencies. Research projects are currently funded by renowned agencies such CIAR (Centre for Indoor Air Research, USA), DST (Department of Science and Technology), AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) and MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forests).