Head of the Department


HEAD,ESEDEnvironmental Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary area that encompasses knowledge from various core science disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology, atmospheric science, ecology, geo-science and mathematics. This discipline deals with problems that affect us directly or indirectly and helps in developing engineered solutions and management strategies towards preserving our health and environment.  It encompasses areas, such as: air pollution and air quality management; wastewater treatment and reuse; water quality and water treatment; solid waste management; reuse, recycle and resource recovery; pollution prevention and cleaner technologies; soil contamination and its remediation; environmental management and mitigation of adverse climate effects. The programmes are designed to promote holistic understanding from which solutions to environmental problems can emerge.  


Environmental Science and Engineering in IIT Bombay first started as an Interdisciplinary Programme for postgraduate studies in 1977.  It was established as the Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE) in 1985.  CESE achieved Department status in February, 2019.  As it emerged from an interdisciplinary group to a full-fledged department, the number of academic programmes increased from M.Tech. and Ph.D. in Environmental Science & Engineering to MSc-Ph.D. dual degree in Environmental Science & Engineering (July, 2010 onwards) and B.Tech.-M.Tech. dual degree (B.Tech. in Environmental Engineering and MTech. in Environmental Technology and Management, July, 2018 onwards). The department is committed to excellence and possesses about 15 faculty members with expertise in various facets of Environmental Science and Engineering. Our undergraduate and post-graduate research programmes enable the students to learn, experiment and explore various aspects of this discipline. The laboratories are equipped with diverse research facilities such that graduating students can gain hands on experience.  We welcome aspiring students to get trained and contribute to this field.  



Prof. Subhankar Karmakar