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Prof. Virendra Sethi

Core Faculty



  1. PhD (Environmental Engineering)  

    1996University of CIncinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

    Thesis: Experimental Studies in Transport of Dissolved and Suspended Contaminants in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

  2. M.S. (Environemtal Engineering)  

    1990University of CIncinnati, Cincinnati,Ohio, USA

    Thesis: Study of Particulate Formation and Growth in a Bench Scale Flame Incinerator System

  3. AEP( I Year ) (Product Design)  

    1984National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

  4. B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)  

    1983Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

    Thesis: Concentration of 20 TPD Cane Sugar Juice from 8% to 20% using Reverse Osmosis

Professional Appointments

  1. IASTA

Awards & Fellowships

  • 2002, Excellence in Teaching Award,  IIT Bombay

  • 1994, Oak Ridge Fellowship, USEPA, Cincinnati

  • 1985, Outstanding Engineer of the Year, ONGC, Bombay

  • 1983,  Institute Cultural Citation, Students Gymkhana,  IIT Bombay

2003, Design and Development of Clean-up Systems for Biomass Based Producer Gas,   MNES New Delhi

2002, Characteristics of Particulate Matter in Biomass Based Producer Gas From Different Types of Gasifiers,MNES New Delhi

1999, Technology Evaluation for Characterization of Particles in Drinking Water,USEPA, ORD, Washington DC

1996,Costing of Unit Processes in Drinking Water Treatment Systems,USEPA, ORD, Washington DC

1990, Evaluation of Effect of Impaction on Measurement of Size Distribution of NSF, USA

Studies for Design of Systems for Removal of Tar and Particulate Matter from Producer Gas (For IC Engine and Gas Turbine Applications),MNES New Delhi